We are Näpp. We want to…

…connect international families with international babysitters – to match babysitters and kids whose origins are rooted in the same culture and language.

…build a community of multicultural families with the same goal: to raise children who speak their mother tongue fluently,
next to additional languages.

…support happy, confident children, who know where they come from, but who are also able to connect to the culture and language of the country they live in.

How will Näpp work?

Sign up, fill in the language(s) and skills (driver’s licence, first aid, etc) you prefer the babysitter to have, and let us offer you the babysitters that fit your wishes best. You pick the babysitter based on the babysitter’s ratings, experience, and personal introduction video.

Once you chose your babysitter, you contact her or him through our platform, agree on the terms and set up a face to face introduction. Your child is able to contact the babysitter and suggest what he or she would like to do when the babysitter comes.

After the babysitter has taken care of your child, you review the babysitter’s performance and your child will provide feedback on the activities they have done. In return, the babysitter will review your family as a workplace.

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